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15 August 2018

BreakHack is in open beta

by Linus Probert

Ok, so my roguelike “BreakHack” has finally reached open beta. If you are reading this you have probably been directed here from one of my links since nobody accidentally stumbles onto my blog.

About the game

As explained in the README. BreakHack is a roguelike(lite?) based on my minor experience with “NetHack”. It’s intended to keep a player occupied for 10-20 minutes when everything else has become boring. If you die, you restart. No save games, no particular story. Just enter the dungeon, kill the monsters and leave with the loot.

You will die, a lot. It’s not simple at first. But there are tricks to get further into the depths of the dungeon. The game won’t hold your hand, you’ll have to work out the mechanics as you move along.

To give the readers of this a slight advantage:

Beta testers needed!

If you wish to be a beta tester this is the link you need: releases

If using Windows

I’d suggest downloading the zip file. You can run the game straight from the executable inside the archive.

(Note: Windows will warn about the zip seeming unsafe in some cases and will almost certainly bring up a smartscreen alert when running the executable. These are false positive warnings. I don’t have a code signing cert because they are expensive)

If using Mac/Linux

You are probably best off compiling the source code. Good Luck! :o) (In all seriousness it shouldn’t be that hard. Just check the project page)

(Note: Don’t compile using the DEBUG flag because that is not how the game is intended to be played)

After testing

If you find any issues or have any ideas during your hopefully slightly enjoyable time with the game you can contact me directly if you know how to, otherwise you can submit an issue in the git repo (I’d prefer this).

If you have no issues and enjoyed the minor pastime that the game offers. Please feel free to tell me as much. It will keep me motivated to continue with the other classes that are the obvious next step for the game.

If you have ideas and would like to add them yourself. Just fork the repo and go nuts. I can’t promise that I’ll accept all pull requests though. So perhaps create an issue before you add 17 new source files to the code base.

Keep in mind

This is a beta. Everything isn’t final, especially not the type of monsters that spawn after dungeon level 5, there is only one boss so far and the game doesn’t end. Depending on how deep people seem to get there should be a win state after level 15ish.

Thanks // Linus

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