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7 December 2017

A long long break and a new game

by Linus Probert

…I finally decided to write a new post. That, honestly, nobody is going to be reading.

I’m on parental leave now, it’s probably been the longest time I’ve ever gone without coding anything. When I finally did start working on something, after about 4-5 months of radio silence, it’s a new game, with a new engine. Completely based on SDL2 still but this time written in good ol’ C.

The idea is a basic roguelike. Prettier then nethack but probably with less finesse and functionality. A quick 10-15 minute break from life. Hence the name “BreakHack”. Hopefully I will get this one done.

The main reason for starting was that I felt I needed some C practice. It’s not as tricky as I recall. Probably dues to my hours of practice with C++ now. I guess it’s just different thinking when you don’t actually have classes to work off of. I checked some basic “how to structure C” articles to get a feel for how professionals do it. Seems I have matched their recommendations even before I read the articles. Guess that short work I did for gnome-todo actually left an impact on C structuring.

Until next time, I’ll be working on my rouge like nethack similar game and hope I get something playable this time.

I’m aiming for the following:

I found a nice stack of artwork for this game released under the CC license that I will be using. It’s freeing up a lot of time. Also I’m letting the existing artwork decide what goes in the game which is handy for inspiration.

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tags: sdl2 - game - roguelike - c